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Environmental review

Industrial environmental control

Based on Article 67 of the Federal law No. 7-FZ dated 10.01.2002 "Environmental protection" the programs of industrial environmental control for 11 NEI (Negative Environmental Impact) objects are developed and approved.

Objectives of industrial environmental control (hereinafter IEC) at our enterprise are:
- monitoring of atmospheric air and the noise level at the boundary of sanitary protection zone;
- control of emissions of pollutants from production sources;
- control of efficiency of gas handling equipment;
- control of the quality of wastewater discharged to the treatment facilities from process units and other facilities of the enterprise;
- control of efficiency of wastewater treatment at the treatment facilities of the enterprise;
- control of the quality of treated wastewater discharged into the water reservoir;
- control of the quality of drinking water supplied from the water supply networks and artesian wells;
- control of atmospheric air, soils, groundwater and surface water in the area of impact of the complex for storage and final deposition of waste.

LLC "KINEF" annually develops a program of measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment, develops and prepares permitting and regulatory documentation, coordinating with Executive authorities.

According to the results of industrial environmental control, all results are documented and stored in Nature Protection Department. Based on information received, during the IEC, annual reports are issued and sent to the Department of RosPrirodNadzor for the Northwestern Federal District.


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