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Social programs

KINEF is a town-forming enterprise

KINEF has rationally integrated itself in the structure of the region.

LLC KINEF is a town-forming enterprise. The company's success ensures the viability of the town of Kirishi and, to a large extent, the Leningrad region. The refinery employs a quarter of all people in Kirishi who are able to work.

KINEF is proud of its outstanding social facilities. They were built to serve the people – the lifeblood of the company. The management sees a good social infrastructure as the basis for managing the workforce effectively.

The “Priozerny” sanatorium strengthens the health of over 1900 people every year.

The “Mechta” recreation center accommodates approximately 9300 people throughout the year. About 750 children come to the “Mechta” children's health camp every summer.

Round-the-clock emergency medical care is available at the production site. Refinery workers and employees undergo annual health examinations.

The “Neftyanik” sports center and the Palace of Culture are open to refinery employees and other citizens alike.

In 2000, the “Yunost” hotel was reopened after renovation. The hotel has been awarded four stars. The striking silver-blue Yunost compound now stands in place of the former ordinary eight-storey building.

In 2001, the reconstruction of the “Neftyanik” sports center was completed, making it a worthy venue for water polo, basketball, volleyball, futsal, and handball events of various levels, including international championships.

June 2001 marked the beginning of the reconstruction of the Palace of Culture which had served as the center of the town's cultural life since 1967. After two years of renovation, the Palace was transformed and reopened its doors to visitors on December 25th, 2003.

The Palace’s visual appeal was augmented with original architectural solutions, and its area was doubled – from 5000 to 10163 square meters.

To provide a good atmosphere for the citizens' recreation, beautiful interiors were added:

- An atrium with an area of 705 square meters, with a winter garden, an artificial pond, and a small stage with a Greek-style amphitheater.

- the Leningrad region Flora and Fauna Museum

- Disco dance hall for 100 people

- English courtyard

- Saloon for literary and musical meetings

- Hall for festive evenings

- Concert hall with 640 seats

- Refreshment stands, cafe and juice bar

In October 2004, a Russian Museum virtual branch was opened in the Palace of Culture. Approximately 400 thousand pieces of art of all kinds and genres are now available to the public in our town. The latest computer technology enables virtual tours through all four palaces within the Museum complex, encompassing unique interiors and exhibits.

The KINEF Palace of Culture organizes holidays, competitions and fares, creative meetings and thematic evenings, KVN contests and discos, New Year amateur concert parties, April fools humorous shows, and amateur clubs. The performance groups at the Palace of Culture now have the opportunity to practice, rehearse and perform with new equipment and good acoustics.


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