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Social programs

In January 2001 the sports complex "Neftyanik", completely transformed after reconstruction, was opened. Its appearance and content correspond to the contemporary views.

The big hall for competitions in following game sports is reconstructed: volleyball, basketball, mini-football. In the sports complex there is a 25-meter pool for adults, allowing to hold competitions of the highest rank, children's 25-meter pool, stadium with running tracks, artificial football field, courts for basketball, sports games, gorodki, tennis. Сhess club "Gambit", tourist club "Assol", football club "Fakel" are functioning. The sports complex provides absolutely unique opportunities for physical development and health promotion of adults and children.

More than 1300 people are engaged in various sections. Every year almost 500 children are taught to swim. Athletes-schoolchildren go to sports camps on the black sea coast, as well as in Bulgaria. Athletes of association take part in competitions both regional, and the Russian scale (water polo, bullet shooting, polyathlon, etc.). The children's football team has repeatedly won international competitions. Many other victories are brought by football players, orienteers, skiers, sports aerobics groups.

The sports complex "Neftyanik" team purposefully seeks to attract a larger number of Kirishi sitizen and their family members to the sport. There are health groups, family swimming groups.

Within sports activities annually for employees and their families a sports and athletic contest is held which involves 1500 workers and their family members. This implies regular classes and participation in competitions of representatives of different age groups in order to strengthen health, correct physical development, improve general and special fitness to work.  The sports and athletic contest include competitions in the following sports:

• Ski race

• Tourism (winter and summer tours)

• Volleyball

• Table tennis

• Chess

• Checkers

• Athletics (spring, autumn cross-country, athletics relay)

• Football

• Basketball

• Swimming

• Bullet shooting

• Pass by mass

A good long-term tradition at the enterprise has become a sports and athletic contest among senior managers. The "KINEF" team annually takes part in the sports and athletic contest of the Leningrad region among production teams.

Water sports - swimming and water polo - are traditionally popular in Kirishi. Pupils of the center of Olympic training of water sports of the Leningrad region "KINEF" annually play in Russian championships in their age groups, in sports and athletic contest among pupils. They become winners and prize-winners. At the Russian championship games 2016-2017 a team of juniors under 19 years won the "gold", a team of girls under 15 years and juniors under 19 years - "silver", the boys and girls under 17 years became owners of bronze medals and the team of girls under 17 years won another bronze award at the VIII summer sports and athletic contest among pupils of Russia.

The LLC "KINEF" sports complex "Neftyanik" has a children's pool and a perfectly reconstructed 25-meter pool. Since 2002 Kirishi hosts an annual prestigious international water polo tournament "KIRISHI CUP", which involves the strongest teams in the world: national teams of Australia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, the Netherlands, the USA and Russia.

According to the new rules of the international swimming Federation FINA water polo competitions must be held on a 30-meter field, so the management of "KINEF" decided to build a new 50-meter pool. The parent company OJSC "Surgutneftegaz" supported this decision and allocated funds for the construction of a Water sports center in Kirishi. The Water sports center was commissioned in 2004. The implementation of this project has opened great prospects for Russian water polo and development of international sports ties. The new pool is a bowl with an area of 1250 meters with 10 tracks and 1010 seats in the stands, equipped with all modern attributes. LLC "KINEF" Water sports center is the main training base for the women's water polo team of the higher League "KINEF-Surgutneftegaz" and fully complies with the requirements for the organization and conduct of training events for national teams of Russia.

Women's factory water polo team "KINEF-Surgutneftegaz" is a sixteen-time champion of Russia, eleven-time winner of the national Cup, multiple silver and bronze medalist of the European Champions Cup, two-time winner of the Euroleague Cup. In the spring of 2017 "KINEF-Surgutneftegaz" won the Euroleague "gold" for the first time in history. Having conquered a new peak, in the autumn of 2017, "KINEF-Surgutneftegaz" became the owner of the LEN super Cup for the first time. In the spring of 2018, "KINEF-Surgutneftegaz" confirmed the title of the strongest club in Europe, again becoming the gold winner of the Euro league.

Six players of "KINEF-Surgutneftegaz" Anna Karnauh, Ekaterina Prokofieva, Evgenia Soboleva, Evgenia Ivanova, Anastasia Simanovich, Nadezhda Glyzina in the national team of Russia won bronze medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Today for the national team of Russia there are 7 players of the team "KINEF-Surgutneftegaz" – Anna Karnauh, Ekaterina Prokofieva, Evgenia Soboleva, Evgenia Ivanova, Tatiana Zubkova, Anastasia Simanovich and Daria Ryzhkova.

The worthy level of organization of the international competitions held in the Water sports center "KINEF" is highly appreciated by the world sports community. International water sports federations FINA and LEN have given us confidence to hold the most significant international water polo competitions among men's and women's teams in Russia in our city of Kirishi on the basis of our enterprise. All information about sports - on the website www.sportkinef.ru.


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